Multiple registrants on a single PayPal transaction

(or registering a person who is not the PayPal account holder)


If you need to register more than one individual as a part of a single PayPal transaction for whatever reason (rather than having each individual register separately, which is preferable), be aware that the PayPal system shopping cart picks up the name/address of the person logged in to make the payment as the purchaser and sends the receipt for the total transaction to that person’s email address (as entered).  There is not a provision in the cart to assign other names to parts of a purchase.

If you need to process multiple individuals together, please complete a single-purchaser transaction for the group of registrations and then complete and submit the following form so that we can insert the individual names into the registration list.  Please identify which registrant(s) are ANS members (paying the reduced registration fee) and if any have purchased additional items (such as a spouse/guest ticket), please note that in the comment field for that registrant.  If you need space for additional registrants, submit an additional form(s) for the remaining name(s).

Similarly, if you need to register a single person who is not the PayPal account holder, use the following form to link the registrant to the PayPal transaction, as described above.


RPSD-2018 multiple registrations

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